Byron Rupert McCafferty

bryon1Byron Rupert McCafferty is a pop culture guru, known for his insightful book and movie reviews. He likes to attend the San Diego Comic-Con when he’s not hanging out in Seattle grunge bars. He’s fond of his old T-top Firebird. He’s a fast food junkie, partial to McDonalds. Ronald McDonald, Captain Kangaroo, and Stan Lee were his childhood heroes. Today, he’s a fan of Alan Moore, Quentin Tarantino, and Spike Lee. He swears he has a tattered copy of Action Comics #1 and an autographed drawing of Captain America by Jack Kirby. He has signed first editions of everything ever written by Robert B. Parker, including his college dissertation on Raymond Chandler. He believes in Bigfoot. He’s an agnostic with an open mind. He has a dog.

Nicolas Gilmartin Teranzi

Nick #3Nicolas Gilmartin Teranzi prefers hard cold facts. He mostly reads non-fiction. Being a Chicago native, Nick rarely misses a baseball game at Wrigley Field. He likes driving his Dodge Durango, but admits it’s hard to park on city streets. He lives on deep-dish pizza, hot dogs, and junk food. He has an eidetic memory and it is said he can recite any page from the Encyclopedia Britannica on demand. He prizes his John James Audubon: Prints from The Birds of America with its 14 handcolored plates, a rare 1911 Ty Cobb trading card, and a baseball signed by Babe Ruth. He was an alter boy at Old St. Mary’s and studied for the priesthood before switching to Robert R. McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science at Northwestern where he got an MSiA. He has an ant farm.

Hayes Brandwell

Hayes #2Hayes Brandwell is a literary hound, recognized for his perceptive takes on books, eye for haute couture, and ear for social gossip. He has been frequently spotted at the Algonquin Hotel drinking in the Blue Bar or partying across the street at the Royalton. He drives a Bimmer (an M6 G-Power Hurricane CS), but misses his classic Porsche 911 Targa. He likes French bistros and smoky coffeehouses. He digs vinyl Dave Brubeck records and old Thelonious Monk tapes. He owns numerous signed first editions by American writers as well as a book with hand-drawn cartoons by Tom Wolf. On his apartment wall he has an original 1896 Penfield poster promoting Harper’s Magazine. He believes in string theory. He’s a Christopher Hitchens atheist. A cat deigns to live with him.

Marcy Birdweather

Marcy #1Marcy Birdweather is a former New York City club kid, a self-described “dancing fool.” She once dreamed of becoming a pop singer but toured as a roadie with a well-known band instead. When she and the frontman broke up, she settled down to write about music, books, and the art scene. She does not own a car, but once had a bicycle. She prefers Starbucks and misses CBGB. She worships Mick Jagger, John Meyer, and Kanye West. She has a book of poetry with a personal message inscribed to her on the flyleaf by Rod McKuen. A surreal poster signed by Marc Chagall hangs over her bed. She believes in horoscopes. She’s a practicing Buddhist. She has a pet iguana.

Martha Griswold

Martha #1Martha Griswold is a correspondent who covers the domestic scene. She loves vintage books, classic movies, and doo-wop music. A recent divorcee, she describes herself as “a cougar in training.” She has been known to spend weekends in the Hamptons, but more often summers on a lake in New Hampshire and winters on St. Johns in the Virgin Islands. She drives a Jeep Liberty, but misses the Triumph Spitfire she had in college. She drinks a chilled California chardonnay every evening. She once met Frank Sinatra. She owns a book signed by John Steinbeck that she bought for 5 cents at a used book fair, DVDs of every single Hitchcock movie, and a vintage poster of Casablanca hangs in the living room of her Connecticut bungalow. She believes in ghosts. She’s a lapsed Catholic. She has grown children.