Bill Craig has done it again. His latest book, Marlow: Papa’s Legacy, is a fast paced, page turner like all of the other books in the Marlow series:

Papa's Legacy cover for Swords

A break in at the Hemingway museum leads to a lot of speculation on the coconut telegraph. Nothing appears to have been taken and the only damage is to an old desk that Ernest Hemingway had used. The Key West Police Department writes it off as routine vandalism. Except Katrina Morrow doesn’t think so. Katrina is a Hemingway scholar and suspects that the break in had a specific purpose, so she hires Marlow to look into it. As he begins his investigation, some sinister characters show up and try to scare him off. But Rick Marlow doesn’t scare easily, and as the stakes rise, he becomes more determined to find the truth, even as it leads south to Cuba and a deadly confrontation over what might be a lost Hemingway manuscript