Nicolas Gilmartin Teranzi

If you are a fan of Science Fiction then I have a couple of books that you will find totally enjoyable: Lost Planets And Rediscovered Science Fiction Manuscripts: Illustrated and A Footnote to History.

The former is an anthology of short stories by such current writers as William R. Burkett, Jr., C.J. Daniels, Bruce Silton, and lesser known works by Ray Bradbury, Edgar Allan Poe, Philip K. Dick, and John W. Campbell. Every one is a winner, highly recommended.

A Footnote to History is by William R. Burkett, Jr., an award winning Science Fiction writer who hit it out of the park with his novel, Sleeping Planet. Footnote is an interesting and absorbing novel about time travel and will have you longing for the next book. And, yes, there will be another.

Lost PlanetsFootnote One cover resized for all