Many of you will think it’s too early to hear about wonderful summer reads; books that you take to the beach or the pool and move right along with stressing you at all. But, here in Key West it’s been summer for a few weeks now. Yup, temperatures in the mid-80’s and the wind has picked up.
Here are my picks to make your lounging in the sun that much more enjoyable:

Kidnapped in Key West by Norah Jean Perkins & Susan Haskell. Imagine a picture perfect Key West day, the wedding is all set to start on a lovely beach and then….things go suddenly wrong.

If You’re Ever in Key West…by Jane Dawkins. This delightful modern day romance will have you turning pages trying to figure out the next event in the life of the British woman of a certain age and her younger lover.

The Sad Demise of Henry and Other Key West Musings by Jack Mazur. This book typies the other type of good summer reads; short stories that capture your imagination and make the page fly by.

You can find all these books and more at both for your favorite E-reader or in paperback.

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Chuck Newman