If you’re a fan of the short story genre, as I am, then you also probably know that it is perhaps the most difficult form in which to write. The ability to fully develop characters, plot, and pacing within a limited number of pages is not shared by all writers.
R.K. Simpson shows us that he is just that, master of the genre, with his debut book, Webley .45 and Other Short Stories. There is real diversity in the short stories that make up this most enjoyable collection.
We hear the confession of a black man who has “passed” as white for much of his life, and we watch a gay man struggle to be honest with his partner, his father, and himself. On the lighter side, there are endings that surprise us and the chronicle of a practical joker. These characters will live on long after you’ve read this wonderful book.
Webley .45 and Other Short Stories is available in eBook and paperback from AbsolutelyAmazingEbooks.com After you’ve enjoyed this collection, have a look at William R. Burkett’s short story collections: Snowing a Little in Paris (and Other Tales of the Cold War), Mean Grey Old Morning, Newspaper Gypsy, and The Pea-Green Boat (and Other Unsettling Stories).
Literature at its finest.

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Chuck Newman