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Philo Gubb, Correspondence School Detective


Philo Gubb,
Correspondence School Detective
by Ellis Parker Butler,
$3.99 ebook; $14.95 paperback

Not only is Mr. Philo Gubb a professional wallpaper hanger, he’s also a graduate of the Rising Sun Detective Agency’s Correspondence School of Detecting. As well as being a book-trained master of disguise, Philo is pretty good at solving crimes. Here are 17 of Philo’s most successful cases, including “The Eagle’s Claw,” “The Un-Burglars,” “The Progressive Murder,” and “The Anonymous Wiggle.” Philo Gubb is a new kind of “deteckative” that you’ll love. “Funny and clever,” says Byron Rupert McCafferty, pop culture guru, Online Critics Corner.

Border Crossing

by Joe Famularo

I just read John Leslie’s BORDER CROSSING and it is a great read. Usually, I’m able to identify with most heros in books I’ve read, but in this one, I felt I WAS Del, its main character. John Leslie draws such a magnificent portrait of him in everyway. I loved Del’s time with Carly, an early girlfriend, his mother Raye, and as the story moves on, his love for Marisa. John writes so plainly and so movingly:”When Marisa smiled, Del felt a ripple of heat go through him”. So did I. You should read this book before it is made into a movie.